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Ultrasound Aesthetics

We are passionate about helping professionals in aesthetics stay ahead of the curve. Our courses and training programs offer a comprehensive education in the latest techniques and technologies in the field of ultrasound-guided aesthetics.

We are dedicated to helping practitioners improve their skills and expand into this new field of study. Our courses are designed to give students an in-depth understanding of the industry, and provide them with the tools and resources to successfully practice ultrasound-guided aesthetics.

Online Courses

From beginning ultrasound terminology to advanced injection techniques. We have all you need to help you succeed. 

Ultrasound Growth

The use of ultrasound in healthcare is projected to continue to have a CAGR of 5.3% from 2022 to 2030.

Versatility in Application

The use of ultrasound can be applied to more than just aesthetics. We already possess the knowledge of its use in anesthesia. Where else can you apply it’s use in your practice?

Data Science Acceleration

The use of ultrasound in aesthetics is a newer field of study with most data contributions from outside the U.S. We will continue to strive to become leaders in this field.

Full Customer Experience Service

We are of the mindset that learning never stops and neither should services you pay for. We will be with you every step of the way.

Ultrasound Aesthetics
where imaging anatomy & injecting collaborate

In 2007, founder Rachel Polazzi, CRNA was first introduced to ultrasound utilization in regional anesthesia. At the time, it too was a new field of study, and since then ultrasound guided regional anesthesia has continued to grow as a tool in many practitioner’s toolboxes.


In 2020, Rachel entered the field of aesthetics and quickly found ultrasound was once again making a debut in a new field of medicine-facial aesthetics. It first appeared as a rescue tool for vascular occlusions. However, it is rapidly becoming another tool for providers to not only visualize anatomy, but improve injection treatments with precise injection locations. The use of ultrasound in every possible manner of aesthetics is still not fully peaked. New literature is still forthcoming and promising for improved outcomes. 


Today, Rachel continues to teach other providers how to incorporate ultrasound use into their practice. She is passionate about contributing to this exciting new field and enjoys teaching others as well.

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