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 Cadaver & Ultrasound Anatomy Lab

Where Imaging Anatomy & Injecting Collaborate

Empowering Growth for Healthcare Professionals

Course Overview:

This one day workshop is an advanced course to provide healthcare professionals with specialized training in utilizing ultrasound imaging techniques to enhance their understanding of human facial anatomy, with a particular focus on fillers,  botulinum toxin applications, and filler dissolving. Designed to bridge the gap between traditional anatomical learning methods and cutting-edge aesthetic procedures, this course equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver safe and effective aesthetic treatments.

This workshop is the only training we provide utilizing human cadaver heads for hands-on lab use.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of human facial anatomy, including muscle structure, vascular anatomy, and facial fat compartments.

  2. Explore the principles and applications of ultrasound imaging technology in aesthetic nursing practice.

  3. Develop proficiency in identifying facial structures and landmarks using ultrasound imaging techniques.

  4. Learn advanced techniques for administering injections and dermal fillers to achieve optimal aesthetic outcomes.

  5. Enhance patient safety through comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and ultrasound-guided injection techniques.

  6. Gain hands-on experience through lecture, discussions, and hands-on lab work on cadaver heads.

This course is an advanced course, offered to healthcare professionals, and is pending continued education approval for several accrediting bodies. 

Learning Ultrasound with hands-on experience is the key to success.
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